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Kilic Cayli & Partners give regular reports on recent changes in tax legislation to their clients and offer counseling services to reduce the risk of legal disputes beforehand. In this context, we provide consultancy and litigation services that our clients need for tax law.

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How can we help you?

Preemptive Measures
We determine the problems that may arise due to the tax audit of the Ministry of Finance, by reviewing the company records from a legal aspect and providing legal consultancy services to determine the taxes accrued by mistake.

Dispute Resolution
We represent our clients in the proceedings related to disputes about income tax, value-added tax, corporate tax, real estate tax, and all other tax types. Within this scope, Kilic Cayli & Partners has been monitoring cases related to tax loss, irregularity punishments, and trafficking offenses.

Applications for Correction and Complaints

Our team provides legal support to our clients in the process of filing applications for tax correction against unlawful tax practices and filing complaint applications against the Ministry of Treasury and Finance against the decisions of the tax offices. Following to these procedures, we represent our clients before the tax courts in their actions against the decisions of tax authorities.

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