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Antitrust and
Competition Law

Kilic Cayli & Partners offer consultancy, administrative application, and litigation services to their clients in the field of competition law. In this regard, consultancy services are provided in the matters of merger and acquisition notifications to the Competition Authority, representation of the clients in the competition investigations, and compliance with the competition legislation.

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How can we help you?

Competition Compliance and Consultancy
Our clients can receive consultancy and training services from our office regarding abuse of dominant positions and agreements (cartels) or concerted practices that prevent, distort or restrict competition. In addition, we provide legal support to our clients in the preliminary research, investigation, and on-site inspection processes carried out by the Competition Authority.

Administrative Applications
Kilic Cayli & Partners team provides services to its clients in the processes of exemption applications regarding agreements, concerted practices, and association of undertakings, applications regarding negative clearance, and repentance applications. In addition, we also carry out the processes of notification to the Competition Authority regarding mergers and acquisitions transactions of companies that are subject to notification.

Administrative Cases
We provide litigation services for the annulment of administrative proceedings against clients in the field of competition law.

Private Law Sanctions in the Protection of Competition
At Kilic Cayli & Partners, legal assistance is also provided in the litigation processes regarding the compensation claims of those who have suffered damage due to anti-competitive agreements, concerted practices, and association of undertakings decisions or abuse of dominant position.

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