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Regulations and Legislation Compliance

With the increasing audit obligations in the market, the obligation to carry out business and transactions in compliance with the legal regulations, and the increasing competition among companies; There are many laws, regulations, communiqués, and standards that holdings, joint stock, and limited companies, national and international legal entities, including private hospitals operating within the scope of group affiliates, must implement to comply with the standards specific to the sectors in which they operate. Many legal regulations should be included in the investments that these organizations will make while carrying out their commercial activities, the agreements they will make and the contracts they will draw up. The aforementioned legal regulations can change frequently, so today's conditions can change accordingly. Within the scope of corporate governance, all legal entities are required to be aware of the changes in legal regulations and to comply with current legislation and requirements in this direction.

As Kilic Cayli & Partners, we provide direct comprehensive legal support, consultancy, and training services to our clients operating in the technology, energy, investment, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, food, construction, and service sectors, in many areas of law that require expertise, in the process of following the regulations and complying with the legislation. In this direction, we assist our clients in identifying deficiencies, offering solutions for improvement, providing training on compliance, auditing, and reporting legal requirements that require compliance, to prevent legal problems they may encounter in the process of compliance with regulations. 

Along with the legislation compliance studies, as Kilic Cayli & Partners, we also provide services to our domestic and foreign clients in the preparation, negotiation, and examination of contracts by the specifications and legal regulations to be signed with private institutions and public institutions, giving legal opinions, and submitting detailed legal risk reports in terms of risks that may occur. Our lawyers include contracts for the purchase of all kinds of goods and services, tender, build-operate-transfer agreements, partnership share transfer agreements, guarantee, confidentiality, exclusivity, sole dealership, distributorship, dealership, distribution, supply, sale, and investment agreements. They have knowledge and experience in the creation, negotiation, and review of various contracts.

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Regular Follow-up and Notification of Legislative and Regulatory Changes

Within the scope of regular follow-up of the legislation and regulation changes and information services we have provided, the regulations and legal regulations in the Official Gazette,  by following the regulatory decisions and announcements of regulatory bodies such as the Public Procurement Authority, Personal Data Protection Authority, Capital Markets Board, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Authority, Competition Authority, Energy Market Regulatory Authority on a daily basis, we analyze the ones that may directly or indirectly affect our clients' projects, investments, and activities, and prepare special executive summary and information notes for clients. In addition, we publish the monthly legislation bulletin, which includes the precedent decisions along with the changes in laws, regulations, communiqués, and standards.

Advising Our National and International Clients on All Processes and Related Regulatory Rules of Works and Tenders in The Public Sector, Including Technology, Energy, Investment, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostics, Food, Construction, and Service Sectors

As Kilic Cayli & Partners, we help our clients to provide products and services that meet these requirements by determining the necessary procurement conditions for the public sector, including energy, health, construction, and service sectors in general. Public sector customers are changing and seeking new ways of working. We provide advice to all our domestic and foreign clients, who will assume the role of the supplier in meeting the urgent needs of public authorities, regarding all processes of the works and tenders. In this context, we provide services to our clients in ensuring legal compliance with the rules in laws, regulations, communiqués, specifications, and application guides in a wide range of public procurement processes, including complex public tenders and European Union projects.


Preparation, negotiation, and review of contracts
Preparation and negotiation of contracts, tender, build-operate-transfer contracts, and guarantee, confidentiality, distributorship, exclusivity, sole dealership, dealership, partnership, share transfer agreements, and agreements regarding the purchase of all kinds of goods and services in accordance with the legal regulations of the client companies. We are in the process of reviewing and refining it. We provide all kinds of legal consultancy services to our clients in disputes arising from these contracts. In case of conflict, we prepare correspondence and warnings in accordance with legal processes.

Submitting a detailed legal report prepared to identify and eliminate risks during the compliance phase

We provide a comprehensive legal report to our clients in many areas of law that require expertise, especially to identify risks and eliminate risks during compliance with the legislation. It determines the compliance of the client companies with the legislation, determines the deficiencies to prevent the risks that may occur in the future in case of violation of the legislation, and provides a full service to our clients with the reports including our solution proposals and the specific training on how to comply with the legislation if the companies need it. we are giving. In this context, in addition to providing consultancy services for our clients regarding the auditing and reporting of legal requirements that require compliance, we also provide our clients with regulation compliance training in many areas that require special expertise such as public tenders and data protection legislation. In this direction, we assist our clients in identifying deficiencies, offering improvement solutions, and providing training in compliance with the legislation to prevent legal problems they may encounter during the compliance processes. 

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