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How Can Work Experience Obtained Abroad Be Used in Turkey?

What procedure must be followed for native natural or legal entities to use the work experience certificates they obtained from abroad in Turkey?

Is it possible for foreign natural or legal entities to use the work experience certificates they obtained from abroad in the tenders in Turkey?

It is possible to use the work experience certificates, in relation to the construction works both native and foreign natural or legal entities perform in foreign countries obtained from abroad, in tenders that they will participate in Turkey. However, in order to use these documents is mandatory to record them to EKAP. Unless the work completion certificates related to the works abroad done by native or foreign natural/legal entities are not recorded in EKAP, they cannot be used to prove their work experience in tenders.

According to Annex 1 of the Implementing Regulation on Construction Works Tenders; the work completion certificates related to the works promised by native or foreign natural/ legal entities within the scope of a contract that includes a price to the public or private sector on abroad are recorded to EKAP for information purposes by the Authority with the application of the document owner.

In the application made to the Authority for the registration process, the submission of the work completion certificate issued abroad in accordance with Article 31 of the Regulation; the information and documents to be requested by the Authority (contract, acceptance, authorization documents, etc.) should also be added to the application in accordance with the method determined by the Authority.

While the application documents are prepared in terms of domestic and foreign tenderers since the application documents are documents in a foreign language and arranged abroad, both documents and their Turkish translations must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Tender Implementing Regulations, regarding the submission format of the documents, and it is obliged to be carried the minimum information required by the Regulations.

Therefore, to have successful results for the applications, it is important to prepare the content of the documents to be obtained from abroad and to have the apostille certifications approved by the domestic or foreign embassies, consulates, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the tender legislations.

Av. Duygu Kılıç Çaylı

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