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Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments

Kilic Cayli & Partners provide investors and entrepreneurs with all the legal support they need with venture capital. In this context, our team provides services in the preparation of share transfer agreements, transactions related to the incorporation of the company, drafting the company's articles of incorporation, and preparing other contracts which set the rights and obligations of investors and entrepreneurs.

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Capital Increase With Emission Premium 

We provide consultancy and contract design to ensure that this method, which is mostly preferred in venture investments, can be made in compliance with the TCC and other relevant legislation.

Preparation of Share Transfer Agreements
To avoid potential disputes in the venture capital investments in an existing company, it is crucial to prepare share transfer agreements accurately and appropriately. For this reason, we provide legal support to our clients in the process of drafting or revising share transfer agreements so that their investments can be built on a strong basis.

Transactions Related to the Incorporation of the Company
In the process of incorporation of a new investment company, we provide services to our investor clients by making relevant applications, preparing contracts regarding the incorporation phases of venture companies, and giving them legal counsel.

Preparation of Other Contracts
In the investment processes, preparing appropriate contracts that set the rights and obligations of investors and entrepreneurs is crucial for a venture capital investment to be carried out reliably. Kilic Cayli & Partners also respond to the needs of its clients regarding the preparation and supervision of these contracts.

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