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Energy, Mining, and All Energy Resources' Legislation

Kilic Cayli & Partners provide legal consultancy, application to related administrative remedies, and litigation services to its clients operating in the energy sector in disputes arising from licensing, administrative sanctions, and contracts.

By following the developments within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions, we carry out legal consultancy, representation, application, litigation, and follow-up procedures before institutions and courts with our expert staff in this field, which is always up-to-date.

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How can we help you?

Legal Consultancy and Administrative Filings
We provide legal support for their licensing and administrative enforcement issues in EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority - EPDK) and similar regulatory and administrative bodies to our clients in the energy industry, as well as preparing and monitoring of their filings accordingly. In addition, we consult them during EMRA investigations.

Litigation Services

We represent clients in energy industry in a comprehensive manner regarding the legal, criminal, administrative and tax disputes they are involved with.

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