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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Kilic Cayli & Partners' team helps its clients by counseling them on all legal aspects of the merger and acquisition process. Within this respect, our team provides a wide range of consultation services to our clients which include merger and acquisition, share transfers, joint ventures, and divestitures.

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Joint Ventures and Consortiums
High-valued investments in the field of construction and energy are especially conducted by joint ventures and consortiums. Our team provides legal consultancy services and drafts agreements for companies that are in the process of incorporating a joint venture or consortium.

Consultancy Services
Companies that are willing to be a part of a merger and acquisition transaction could get a complete legal service from Kılıç & Partners. We provide legal consultancy services to our clients by determining their legal status quo and the relevant recent legislation.

Drafting Contracts
Our office provides complete service for drafting contracts considering all legal aspects in compliance with our clients’ needs. Our service in relation to drafting contracts includes merger and acquisition contracts, share transfer agreements, and transfer agreements for business enterprises, etc.

Kılıç Çaylı & Partners’ merger and acquisition consultancy also includes an examination of the recent legislations and regulations related to banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunication, energy, and other sectors which are subject to sector-specific regulations.

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